Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Six Things I Learned This Weekend

1. It is really, really cold in Oslo in February.

2. Taking photos of performers on stage is really difficult.

3. I always assumed I didn't like gin. Turns out it's the tonic I don't like! (Probably the most important knowledge gained over the weekend.)

4. Wearing the same outfit for every broadcast, interview, rehearsal and live performance will make you start to smell after a while.

5. If you decide to have a small gathering in your hotel room prior to going out, prepare for lots of people you don't know to pay a visit.

6. Oslo airport is LONG.

I like learning stuff. I shall be retaining all this new knowledge for future weekends, and making use of it when applicable.
I also like the African influences.


  1. The gin experience was really a revelation for me too.

    And who smells??

  2. Lucky Bullets were rather ripe...

  3. You physically interacted with them? You groupie!

  4. I stood near them - not quite the same thing ;)