Thursday, 17 January 2013

The best piece of interviewing advice I've ever heard

Taken from

"I think that when people see celebrity interviews, they don’t want to hear "Tell me about your character." We already know about their character. We watched the show; we get it. You don’t have to tell me who Captain Picard is. I know Captain Picard as I watched for seven years and I’ve seen four feature films. I get it, man. I want to know what was it like for Patrick Stewart, as an actor from the RSC, what was it like to play this part on these wacky sets with this costume on, and suddenly go to conventions… how did YOU feel about that?"

Something I'll be trying to bear in mind if I do more interviews with Eurovision stars this year. Too many fan interviewers ask the performers about their songs, what the lyrics are about, that kind of thing. We know that, we've heard the song, probably countless times.

What we want to hear is insightful information on things we don't know. Remember that, everyone. Especially me.

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