Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Why I won't be buying an iPhone 5

It does look very pretty, doesn't it? And it's going to collect your e-tickets for you and have a really fast processor. It's got a great camera (just like the Samsung Galaxy S3 had when it came out), and a super-exciting new proprietary connector.


Unfortunately, there's one very good reason I won't be buying an iPhone 5. No, it's not because I'm an Android fanboy (though I am) or that I hate the fact everyone loves iPhones even though they do a lot of the same stuff less well (though they do).

Nope, the real reason is because I am only 11 months into a goddamn 24 month contract for an HTC Sensation which I can't even use. It was a beautiful phone, so quick, great at multi-tasking, tons of space and a crystal-clear screen. And then I dropped it and smashed it three months into the contract, so now I'm stuck using my old HTC Desire until the contract finally comes to an end.

Lesson learned? Don't get into really long contracts for shiny, swishy new phones that can make cocktails and open doors for you. One slip of the hand and they're just bits of plastic and glass all over the pavement.

*sad face*

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